Monday, December 28th, 2020

2020, oh 2020, what a year. Where do I begin to describe this rollercoaster? It really goes without saying, but 2020 was a year unlike any other. I mean, I know we can say that all the time, but this was entirely different. It seemed like every month, there was something else krazy happening, and it was huge. Whether it was the pandemic, the people we lost, or the protests that captured the world, we’ve never seen anything like it. Honestly, it seemed like things would never let up.

In addition, we also experienced an election year. It captivated us, it moved us, and it divided us. It seems like everyone had election fever, as there was a record turnout in the U.S. for voting. But even with the people making their voices heard, there still continues to be unresolved issues. And I mean, what a time for it to be an election year, right? We faced COVID, which shut down the world and changed everything. As the vaccine slowly starts to get distributed, there’s one thing I can tell you…2020 will be one for the history books.

While I could spend all day talking about the events that made up 2020, I won’t. Instead, as I do every time around this year, I want to revisit my year and talk about what characterized it. From highlights, to favorite things, to expectations for the new year, there’s a lot on my mind to share. So sit back, relax, and vibe out with me as I talk about my year in 2020!

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Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

On the heels of Eminem’s newest album release “Music to be Murdered by”, here’s my latest freestyle rhyming over the single “Godzilla” that features Juice WRLD. I channeled some super-fast rhymes for this one!

I was actually planning on releasing this last week, but with the news of Kobe Bryant, I couldn’t. I was finally able to record and release this using Mamba Mentality.

Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

Tuesday, December 31st, 2019

2019, what a year you’ve been. It feels like just a blur, but there’s been a TON of things that have shaped this year. From Canada winning its first NBA championship, to droves of people marching for climate change, to the Avengers becoming the highest grossing film of all time, it’s been super eventful. We saw a black hole get photographed, a U.S. president get impeached for only the third time in history, and sadly, continued violence throughout the country and world. It’s been a very busy year for real.

As I’ve done in years past, I want to take some time out and reflect on the year I’ve had too. There have been many great things I’ve experienced throughout the year, while other stuff I wouldn’t mind forgetting lol. But all in all, it’s important to appreciate how far we’ve traveled together. And BELIEVE ME, it’s been a long journey! Anddd with that said, let’s do it.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy my 2019 year in review!

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Friday, December 28th, 2018

2018, oh 2018, what a year you have been. Between headlines about the Royal Wedding, the World Cup, and everything Trump, it’s been a busy year. The Eagles finally won the Super Bowl, Democrats took back the House, and Thanos wiped out half the population. Zuckerberg went to Washington, a selfie was taken on Mars, and sadly, we all witnessed the tragedy in Parkland, FL. It’s crazy how much happened this past year.

While it’s been a year of big events, I also want to talk about the year that I experienced. Every year around this time, I take a moment and reflect back. Whether it’s the rap life or personal life, I’ve always thought it’s important to appreciate where we’ve come. And of course, it’s also healthy to look at how much we’ve accomplished together. And from what I can recall, there’s been a lot.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this. Here is my 2018 year in review!

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