Sunday, December 31st, 2023

2023, what a year you’ve been. It seriously feels like a blur right now, which may be because of all that was going on. Let’s see, where do I begin? Super Mario hit the big screen (or should I say returned), Lebron broke the scoring record, and Taylor Swift had a major impact too. It was an eventful year filled with many surprises.

For me, there were many things that characterized 2023. Sooo as I do every year around this time, I’d like to revisit my year and talk about what happened. From where I went to where I’m going, there’s a ton to talk about. So here we go, my 2023 year in review!

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Friday, December 30th, 2022

2022, what a year. It seems like it flew by, but maybe that’s because there was so much going on. COVID seemed to dwindle from our daily lives as people slowly returned to normal. It felt weird at times, especially as the pandemic dominated so much for the last couple of years. But I can’t lie, it was refreshing to be able to see people again and return to daily activities like before.

For me personally, there was a lot that made up the year. As I do every year around this time, I want to revisit my year and talk about allllll that happened. From the ups to the downs, to what I’m looking forward to for next year, there’s lots and lots to cover. So let’s get into it! Here we go, y’all…here is my 2022 year in review!

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Thursday, December 30th, 2021

2021…what a year you’ve been. While 2020 was the rollercoaster year where COVID changed our lives, 2021 felt like the year where we began adjusting to a new reality. People were divided, emotions ran high, and there’s still a lot of uncertainty as we go into the new year. If anything, this year felt like a transition year as we try to find our footing. Oh yeah, did I mention that vaccines rolled out this year too?

This year was shaped by many things. From the loss of DMX and Biz Markie, to the rise of Squid Game and Meta, 2021 had its share of big moments. We had a war end, inflation rise, and natural disasters rock the U.S. It was also the year where things began to “open up” again, only for us to go into another uncertain time. I feel exhausted just thinking about it.

There was a lot that made 2021 the year that it was. For me, there were also many things that characterized the year. As I do every year around this time, I want to revisit my year and talk about all that happened. From highlights, to fav things, to 2022 expectations, there’s a lot to cover. So sit back, relax, and let’s get into it. Here is my 2021 year in review!

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Thursday, January 7th, 2021

It goes without saying, but 2020 was a crazy year and unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. While it was challenging at times, I focused my energy on bettering myself and working on different things. From recording new freestyles, covering politics, releasing several new acapellas, to releasing several singles, I had a lot going on musically. Let’s revisit them together in this video.

Monday, December 28th, 2020

2020, oh 2020, what a year. Where do I begin to describe this rollercoaster? It really goes without saying, but 2020 was a year unlike any other. I mean, I know we can say that all the time, but this was entirely different. It seemed like every month, there was something else krazy happening, and it was huge. Whether it was the pandemic, the people we lost, or the protests that captured the world, we’ve never seen anything like it. Honestly, it seemed like things would never let up.

In addition, we also experienced an election year. It captivated us, it moved us, and it divided us. It seems like everyone had election fever, as there was a record turnout in the U.S. for voting. But even with the people making their voices heard, there still continues to be unresolved issues. And I mean, what a time for it to be an election year, right? We faced COVID, which shut down the world and changed everything. As the vaccine slowly starts to get distributed, there’s one thing I can tell you…2020 will be one for the history books.

While I could spend all day talking about the events that made up 2020, I won’t. Instead, as I do every time around this year, I want to revisit my year and talk about what characterized it. From highlights, to favorite things, to expectations for the new year, there’s a lot on my mind to share. So sit back, relax, and vibe out with me as I talk about my year in 2020!

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