Sunday, December 31st, 2023

2023, what a year you’ve been. It seriously feels like a blur right now, which may be because of all that was going on. Let’s see, where do I begin? Super Mario hit the big screen (or should I say returned), Lebron broke the scoring record, and Taylor Swift had a major impact too. It was an eventful year filled with many surprises.

For me, there were many things that characterized 2023. Sooo as I do every year around this time, I’d like to revisit my year and talk about what happened. From where I went to where I’m going, there’s a ton to talk about. So here we go, my 2023 year in review!


It wasn’t that busy of a music year for me, especially in comparison to other years. Why’s that, you ask? Well, I had lots of obligations pulling me in other directions. I was also in my head a bunch, strategizing my next moves but wondering how to actually pull it all off lol. But yeah, I still had a lot going on.

I dropped my “Fresh Perspective (Acapella Rap)” song and video this year. I wanted to come into the year with a fresh perspective and renewed mindset. I felt like it was a great way to kick the year off. I didn’t follow it up with anything, though, as I had other things going on. That’s life though, right? Lol. But it’s all good!

Trip to Mexico

Earlier in the year, I traveled to Cancun for my cousin’s wedding. It was a big Indian wedding spanning multiple days that also felt like a family reunion. I had a lot of fun throughout the week seeing everyone and celebrating. From the parties to the hotel, we had a blast. Unfortunately, I got super sick towards the end of the trip and had to chill. It was pretty rough. Still though, we had a great time during our trip.

Running the Media Business

The main reason why I haven’t been working on music as much this year was because of the media business. This year, I continued designing new websites and graphics, exhibited at my first trade show for the biz (that was fun), and even presented about elevating your online presence to a room full of small businesses. I also spent time on self development in an effort to better myself and my skills. It was a busy time and a productive one too.


As I look back upon 2023, I’m not sure where to even look. It seems like things moved super fast and there was no time to take a breath. But when I reallyyy think about it, I’m able to capture several things that made it the way it was. Here are some final reflections:

The Bat

Honestly, this topic consumed me way more than I can express. Earlier in the year, I had a close encounter with a bat inside my house. Yes, that’s right, a bat. It flew across my face. Anyway, after that we had animal control come out to the house several times to address the issue. I spent mad time researching about bats, what keeps them out, and how to clean after they’re out. They’re gone now, but I’m still recovering lol.

AJX Media logoLots of Business Building

Professionally, most of my time was spent on AJX Media. I made a list sometime ago about priorities and I wrote that I gotta get the business right before branching off and doing other things. So, that’s a lot of what I was up to this past year. I was able to launch a blog, make new connections, and create lots of new designs this year. It was a productive year, yet it definitely took up a great deal of my time. I’ll need to continue learning how to balance everything.

Family Time

And yes, I spent a lot of time with the family. We went to theme parks, festivals, and more. It was great making new memories with them. I know these years are important, so I’m doing what I can to prioritize them and, again, try to balance everything. But overall, this was the light that lit up my year.

What to expect for 2024

1. Lots More Music!

Ok, so I’ve made a calendar, wrote like 12 tracks, and already started recording. That means new music HAS to be on the way, right? RIGHT? Lol, well, that’s my thought too. I’m going to really focus on balancing my time so I can start sharing more music. The key is to continue to stay in a strategic mindset so I’m able to achieve my goals. Let’s do this.

2. Website Refresh

I’ve been talking about this for awhile, but the website is way overdue for a refresh. In fact, it’s something I’ve already started and put a great deal of work in. I really deprioritized this, as other projects were pulling me in a different direction. However, I’d like to update it this year. I have a few new items to add too, so it should be cool.

3. Behind the scenes

While creating new music is definitely one of my plans for this year, another thing I had in mind was sharing some behind-the-scenes footage and pictures. From how I record songs, to the writing process, I want to share what goes on behind the curtains when creating. I think this will be interesting as it will give a good picture of how songs come to life

Closing Thoughts

On the whole, 2023 was an up-and-down year for me. I spent many moments with the family while also trying to grow the media business too. I’m still trying to get onto solid footing, but with time…with time…

Honestly, I felt like this year moved at lightning speed that it was sometimes hard to process my thoughts. I’d typically use my rap notebook as my outlet to express my feelings. This year, I got away from that simply because my time was being pulled in 100 directions. I’d like to get back to that because it’s good for my mental health. And honestly, ‘cause I miss it.

Looking ahead, I don’t know what to expect. I’ve already written a bunch, and I’ve also created a release calendar. At the same time, I know how much time and effort it will take to execute on everything, and I’m trying to figure out a creative way to juggle everything. From the media biz to the music life, it’s a lot to work on. I’m trying to get clarity and improve upon my efficiency and project management, so I can pull everything off. I feel as long as I’m continuing to be productive, it’ll be good.

So yes, as we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome 2024, I’m happy for where I’ve been and optimistic for what lies ahead. As always, thank you for your continued support and rocking with me, especially through the years! Here’s to a great 2024. Happy New Year!!!!!