Thursday, August 11th, 2011

So with lots of activity goin’ on lately, I recently sat down with Canada-based Desi magazine Masti Magazine (who by the way has super fresh/clean/sick layouts in their magazine). In the interview, I touch upon several things ranging from the new single, the new video, and my upcoming CD too. Below is an excerpt from the article, along with the link to the full interview as well.

“Ah yes, Blow. Well, when I wrote the song, I wanted to do something that returned me to my roots. I wanted to write a song that really flexed my talents and showcase my skills on the mic. I wanted to do a song that reminded people, “hey, this guy can really rap.” The video is definitely me. It’s a street video. It’s edgy and grimy meets clean and fluid. More than anything, it was a backdrop that supported the song.”

Here’s a link to the magazine which contains my interview (I’m on page 34):