Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

“I want to thank you for the blessings and the gifts
And the lessons and the messages they left, I get the drift”

– Joell Ortiz on “Follow My Lead

There are some moments in your life that you take with you for a long time. Whether big or small, there are just some key times that resonate with you. This past July, I experienced a bunch of them. July’s usually an up-and-down month for me, but this past July was awesome. And because it was, I can’t help but feel truly blessed.

Whatup mi gente? Que pasa in your casa? It’s the ‘Jaxxx man, back at it with the brand new August 2012 Opinions Column. For those that’re new to the site, this is the place on the planet where you can probe deep within my brain to find out all that’s going on. For those that’re returning to the site, you already know the deal…welcome back! And with our intro outta’ the way, let me tell you why July was such a great month for me.

So yes, July. Let’s start off at the top – I celebrated my birthday this past month. I had an amazing time with amazing people and it turned out to be one of the best birthday celebrations (yes, plural) that I’ve ever had. So what exactly did I do? Well I started off with partyin’ with my friends in downtown Orlando on Friday night, followed by a 1920s-themed party the next night with lots of family and friends. Then, I went to church the following morning (to bring in the day right) along with more family time. All in all, I had a blastttttt. I saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a hot minute, the turnout was better than expected, and I ate mad cake too haha. So I mean, when I stand back and look at how many friends and family I have that came out just to support me, I can’t help but feel blessed…y’nahmean? It’s an overwhelming feeling. Thank you to everyone that came out.

In addition, I had a chance to travel too this past month. I went to Charlotte, NC, for the annual YSA Sindhi Retreat. Again, I had a great time with some great individuals. I met a lot of new peeps, in addition to rekindling with others. I learned a lot of new things about my culture, while getting a chance to party it up too. And I left like damn, I’m really gonna miss this place. Again, I can’t help but feel blessed for having the opp to travel here and meet all these people and have such a dope trip.

Basically, what I’m tryna say is that I have a lot to be thankful for and I know that I’m blessed for that. I mean c’mon, TWO birthday parties, an awesome vacation, and being surrounded with some pretty amazing people throughout it all? I can’t front, I’m lucky to have all that. It’s funny too, because in the past I never used to stop and say “wow, look at all that’s going on.” Looks like I am growing up after all. But yea, July was a good month to me and I still haven’t told you everything. There’s more ‘Jaxxx? Well…

MUSIC! So you know I have to talk about the music. I’ve aligned myself with some new engineers, producers, and artists, and things are starting to move again. July saw some MAJOR progression. Basically, the usual suspects were moving way too slow for me so I had to switch it up. I feel a lot better about things, and the new beats have started to flow again. I mean, you know how exciting it is? I’m like a month away from releasing the NEXT single! Yup, things’re flowing and I’m happy. Again, it’s a blessing.

While on the topic of music, how ’bout that new Nas? Yup, one of my fav emcees returned after a hot minute to drop “Life is Good”, his new album. I wasn’t in love with it initially, but it’s grown on me. I was hatin’ on all the songs without drums, but it got better. Some of the topics, lyrics, and overall content of Nas’s stuff seriously impresses me. He’s back in rare form, and it’s refreshing to hear him again. Definitely a dope album worth coppin’.

And with that, I’ll leave you with some other hip hop songs I’ve been jamming to this past month (and there’s been a bunch). By the way, that 50 song just might be song of the year! Til next month my peeps…stay up, stay safe, and hold ya’ head…and oh yea, remember to count your blessings! Ajaxxx signin’ out, PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!