Saturday, August 18th, 2012

So talk about exciting news! I just found out that I was recently featured on TV all across Canada alongside Jay Sean, Raghav, and the Bilz & Kashif with my “Blow” music video. Super dope, right? The video was featured on V-Mix, which according to the Facebook page is “Canada’s first national TV show covering contemporary South Asian artists and music videos, while also providing Canadian musicians and amateur performers a platform to showcase themselves.”

Special thanks to the homey DJ Ra for helping to make this happen! Ra is a well-known DJ from Canada that actually premiered my video back in Tampa. Your support is always appreciated bro. There’s definitely more videos on the way too, trust me! LoL. And with that said, check out the full episode by visiting the website here: V-MIX Premiere Episode.

Photo credit courtesy of the V-Mix Facebook Page.