Monday, March 25th, 2013


In case you want to listen to my entire mixtape first before downloading, I’m posting the whole CD below. Take a listen, and if you like what you hear you can download the entire CD for free by signing up for my mailing list here: Sign Me Up!

Let me know what you think!

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”01. Intro@01-Ajaxxx-Intro.mp3,
02. Monster Freestyle@02-Ajaxxx-Monster_Freestyle.mp3,
03. From NY to Mumbai@03-Ajaxxx-From_NY_to_Mumbai.mp3,
04. Ringa Ringa Riddim@04-Ajaxxx-Ringa_Ringa_Riddim.mp3,
05. Tell Me (Striptease Remix)@05-Ajaxxx-Tell_Me_(Striptease_Remix).mp3,
06. Nightmares Remix@06-Ajaxxx-Nightmares_Remix_feat_The_Rebel.mp3,
07. 2 The Top@07-Ajaxxx-2_The_Top.mp3,
08. Secret Remix feat. Jos J.n@08-Ajaxxx-Secret_Remix_feat_Joslyn_John.mp3,
09. Dolla Billz feat. Aruna@09-Ajaxxx-Dolla_Billz_with_Aruna.mp3,
10. Badonkadonk@10-Ajaxxx-Badonkadonk_Freestyle.mp3,
11. Diamonds on my Damn Chain Freestyle@011-Ajaxxx-Diamonds_on_My_Damn_Chain_Freestyle.mp3,
12. I Luv It feat. Young Pharaoh and Riz@12-Ajaxxx-I_Luv_It_feat_Young_Pharaoh_and_Riz.mp3,
13. Ozone Hip Hop Freestyle@13-Ajaxxx-Ozone_Hip_Hop_Freestyle.mp3,
14. Shadowboxing Freestyle@14-Ajaxxx-Shadowboxing_Freestyle.mp3,
15. Made Ya Look Remix feat. Raja Wilco Sir Aah Kaly Nikhil and Arsin@15-Ajaxxx-Made_Ya_Look_Remix_feat_ Raja_Wilco_Sir_Aah_Kaly_Nikhil_and_Arsin.mp3,
16. I Made it Freestyle@16-Ajaxxx-I Made It Freestyle.mp3,
17. Yes We Can (And We Did)@17-Ajaxxx-Yes We Can (And We Did).mp3,
18. Fallen Star feat. Oddeo@18-Ajaxxx-Fallen Star (Michael Jackson Tribute) feat. Oddeo.mp3,
19. Ringa Ringa Riddim Electro Remix@19-Ajaxxx-Ringa Ringa Riddim Electro Remix.mp3,
20. Outro@20-Ajaxxx-Outro.mp3″]