Thursday, May 2nd, 2013


“Daylight beams, night life schemes
This is my inception, I’m writing my dreams”

– Common on “Blue Sky

You ever feel like there are so many things going on in your life, that you’re trapped in a whirlwind? Like you got a million things to juggle and you gotta try your best to handle it all? Well, that’s how my April felt like…except the whirlwind was great.

Whatup y’all? What’s poppin?? Welcome to the May 2013 Opinions Column! It’s an exciting time in my life and I’m excited to share it with you. If you’re new to the site, this is the spot where you can dig deep into my head to find out all that’s going on. I tend to ramble n ramble n ramble n…see, you get the point lol. For those that’re returning to the site, thank you and welcome back! You know the drills. AND with that outta the way, let’s talk about the whirlwind that was April!

So where do I begin? At the beginning, I suppose. April was a super eventful month for me for a variety of reasons. There was all sorts of craziness going on (don’t worry though, it was good craziness) and I was stayin busy throughout. Between traveling to performing to embracing transition in my life, I had a lot on my plate.

Music video

"One of a Kind" Music Video ShootSoooooo perhaps one of the biggest things of this month was this music video! I recently traveled to NJ where I shot a brand new music video for my upcoming single “One of a Kind.” Ok, so rewind a little bit. I recorded this song awhile back, and spent years (yes years) getting it worked on. Between producers, engineers, other artists, etc. all working on it, this song took a long ass time to get done. Anddd combined with several re-recordings of it, it really dragged out. So when I tell you I’m FINALLY dropping a video for it this month, you can understand my excitement.

You might be wondering about this song by the way. I’m ALSO going to be dropping it this month too! Stay tuned…

The video was shot over the span of two days throughout various locations in Jersey. It was definitely a different experience than when I shot “Blow“, mainly because this was a bigger production. We had models, make-up artists, a camera crew, etc. all there to support the video. Andddd, I even had some of my family from Jersey come through to support me as well. Can’t tell you how great that part was! So yeah, big song, big production, and we finally shot a video for it this month. Whirlwind mode, right? And this whirlwind will continue cause it’s dropping this month too.


International Curry Festival ProgramIn addition to the video shoot, I also recently traveled to Tampa where I performed at the International Curry Festival. I attended the event last year where I got interviewed, so this year was a bit different because I performed. Oddeo joined me on stage where we did a couple new tracks including “One of a Kind” anddddddd a reggae song! Haha I’m not a reggae artist by any means, but I like reggae and wanted to have fun with it. It was pretty dope, we had a good time, and I met a lot of people too.


Old HouseAnd perhaps one of the biggest things (which leaks over from last month)…I moved. Although the actual moving date was last month, it all trickled over into April. I’m still unpacking, still rearranging, and still settling in. It’s a weird feeling, but good weird. I can say with confidence that I’m happy to be moving forward, and I don’t miss the past. It’s weird…almost like I’ve done some kinda transformation and was unaware of it. Cause I’m saying, under normal circumstances I’d be all nostalgic and stuff, but this time I’m really happy and positive about everything. I guess I’m growing up after all, huh?

Anyway, it’s been a busy time for me but you can blame it on the whirlwind. There’s just so much stuff going on right now, and May is looking to be just as busy (although things are starting to get a bit calmer lol).

So What’s in Store for May?

When I do the Opinions Column next month, I may call it “Whirlwind Part 2” or something haha. Nah, I’m sure by then I’ll think of something better. But yeah, what’s in store for May? Well…

For starters, my new song AND video will both be dropping this month! Ahhhhhhh!!!! Give me a second while my blood pressure returns to normal. I mean, under normal circumstances I’d be okay excited about a new song and video dropping, but I think what makes this extra meaningful is that I put a LOT of work into these. The song was a mission to accomplish and I really have to thank all the people involved to bring it to life especially TyPeNyCe, Alex Minor, and X144. And the video was a ton of work too, especially with handling all the logistics when you don’t even live there. Big ups to Bravura Magazine and InFocus Entertainment for everything as well.

In addition to the song and video, I’ll be doing some more traveling this month. Yup, got another trip to North Carolina next week. So between the music, the traveling, and the surprises that life usually presents me, I’m confident that the whirlwind will continue to whirl.

And with that, I’m gonna get outta here! Here’s to an exciting May! Stay up, stay safe, and hold ya’ head. Ajaxxx signin out, PEACEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Closing Words

Chris KellyBefore I go, I wanted to send a special RIP shout out to Chris Kelly aka the Mac Daddy aka one-half of hip hop group Kris Kross. A lot of people may not know, but Kris Kross was perhaps one of the most influential (if not THE most influential) groups to me when I was growing up. When I started out rhyming, I used to recite every lyric from their album “Young Rich and Dangerous.” I dunno if I’d be rapping today if that album never dropped, which should say something. I think I also identified with them cuz they were around my age too. So I mean, when I heard this news it really hit me. RIP Chris Kelly…and thank you.