Saturday, January 28th, 2017

As we roll into the new year, a lot of people set goals for themselves. Whether it’s learning something new, getting fit, or finally getting to something long overdue, new years are like hitting the reset button. Yes we’re well into the new year, but I wanted to talk about this a bit more.

Beforeeee we get too ahead of ourselves though, WELCOME to the first Opinions Column of 2017! The kinda late one haha. If you’re new to the site, this is where I talk about whatever is on my mind. For those returning, welcome back! It’s a glorious time so let’s talk about what’s ahead (and also reflect on where we’ve come from).

So yes, it’s a new year. And with a new year, people set new goals. However (and I realized this the other day), accomplishing those goals are easier said than done. Why’s that Jaxxx? Well, there’s a couple of things.

1) You’re not being specific enough – So the other day, I was talking to my friends about what we were tryna do for the new year. And for a few of them, it was super general. When I heard “get more healthy” or “spend more time doing this”, I realized it’s so vague that it’s unlikely to happen? How do you measure whether you achieved your goal? I mean, it’s hardly a goal if it’s so broad. So yeah, BE SPECIFIC. That’s one thing I’m trying to work on myself.

2) Set deadlines – And here’s the other thing I’m trying to work on. It’s easy to say “yea son, this year I’m gonna drop my album” (or whatever your goal may be). However, without setting deadlines for yourself, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You have to hold yourself accountable and set dates. Of course, you also have to take life into account and be flexible. For instance, if you know you’ve got commitments, then allow yourself more time. The main thing is, set dates so you have smaller targets to aim towards. I’m also doing this and hopefully it’ll happen.

So where’d this inspiration come from anyway? I dunno, I guess it’s a combination of a few things. It was the conversation I had the other day, and it was also a bit of self reflection I did too. I realized that I can’t continue to talk this trash…I need to make it happen. So yeah, less talk and more action is the name of the game this year.

And of course, it also came from last month when I released the music video for “Broken Dreams.” I pushedddddd myself to release the video by the end of the year and I made it happen. And so I asked myself, how in the world did you release this video that you’d been prolonging for so long? Well, I set a SPECIFIC goal…I was going to shoot and edit the video…and I set a deadline for the end of the year. And yeah, then it hit me that I need to do more of that. If you haven’t seen the video yet, or just wanna see it again, it is below.

So yes, I think it’s great if you’re doing something new this year and especially if it’s something to better yourself. It’s not easy with all the curve balls that life throws at you, which makes it even more admirable. So yeah, if you are, here’s to a great year ahead!

And with that said, I’m gonna get out of here. I recently got the booth up and running again and there’s music to record!

Stay up, stay safe, and hold ya head. Ajaxxx signin’ out, PEACEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!