Monday, February 13th, 2017

“I gotta come back and tell the greatest story they never told
This must be the feeling that you get when you know you close”

– Big Sean on “Bigger Than Me”

Nowadays, I feel like most people hype stuff up a lot but don’t follow through. Like, I can’t tell you how often I’m on Twitter and I see things like “coming soon” or “be on the lookout.” Now don’t get me wrong, promoting your project is great. In fact, I’m guilty of using those same phrases. However, it seems like there’s TOO much of that without the actual content to back it up. So yeah, that leads me to the topic of this month.

Before we jump too far ahead though, welcome! Welcome to the February 2017 Opinions Column. This is where I talk about anything and everything that’s on my mind. You know how it goes, so here we go.

Multiple videos
So last month, and even in the 2016 Year in Review, I talked about how I need to do more and be more active for the new year. I’ve become fatigued with how much people talk yet how little they actually do. I admire dreamers, believe me. But I also admire doers. They’re the ones getting things done and making things happen. I mean, what’s the point of keeping those great ideas in your head when you can release them for the world to experience? Whether it’s recording a song, shooting a video, or just getting around to that idea that’s been on your mind for the longest, make it happen. Stop overthinking it. As the famous Nike slogan so wisely states, just do it.

So far this year, I’m off to a good start. I just recently released a video for “My Reaction to Donald Trump” which you can see below.

Additionally, I’ve released two videos related to my latest music video “Broken Dreams”, which have all been mini projects in themselves. I released the lyric video and behind-the-scenes video, which can also be seen below. I’ve also shot anotherrr one that I’ll be releasing very soon. So at this point, I’m content. While my goal was one per week, I also took into consideration just how ambitious (and difficult) of a goal that might be, especially with everything else going on in my life. And, it’s really hard writing AND memorizing a new track every week lol. I mean, it’s possible, but I also don’t want to get to a place where it becomes a chore and I stop having fun. Because that’s also important…having fun. Otherwise, why are you even doing it, right?

So yeah, I’m going to continue to do these videos on the regular and hopefully I’ll get into a routine soon where pumping these out becomes much easier. It’s been a little rocky but you know what they say…the hardest part is starting!

London trip
Another thing that’s pulled me away from weekly videos (along with me getting sick which sidelined me too) was my recent London trip. I forgot to mention it last month but I recently traveled to the UK…and had a really great time. If you recall, I visited there in 2014 and also released a freestyle video too (which you can peep below). I had a great time in 2014, but I didn’t get to do enough since the trip was so short. This time around, I had a lot more time and got to see and do much more. While it was super cold, the trip was still dope. I also tried to meet up with some of my friends and collaborators too but didn’t get to this time around…perhaps next time, especially when it’s warmer!

Next single
With 2017 in full swing, I’m also focused on releasing new original music too. I still have a goal of 4 songs but I also need to remind myself not to tackle too much. It’s important that I also promote and share the stuff I’ve already done instead of always focusing on the next thing. Ah, dilemmas lol. But yeah, I’m actively searching for a beat right now. I might have something in mind but I’m still looking around…

So yeah, hopefully hearing ’bout my projects inspire you with yours! Whether it’s something big or something small, focus on action. It’s healthy to talk about it but it’s even healthier to write it down. That gets the ball rolling and starts making things happen. And if you actually start, you’ve already done like 50% of what you’ve come to do. And trust me, once you get rolling it’ll feel great. So remember…less talk and more action! Let’s make 2017 awesome together.

And with that said, I must go. I’ve got videos to edit! Haha. Stay up, stay safe, and hold ya head. Ajaxxx signing out, PEACEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!